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Natalia Vasilchenko: "Our region is able to help those in need"

Natalia Vasilchenko: "Our region is able to help those in need"

The first corporate volunteer fundraising contest #ЯвОтвете (I am responsible) was held in Russia by the charity foundation "Responsible for the Future". 30 volunteers from among the employees and independent entrepreneurs of Amway took part in the event.

For four months, the volunteers held charity events, and the collected funds were transferred to the development of social projects: the School of Foster Parents of the IRSU (Institute for the Development of Family Structure),  educational project "Universal Education" for specialists in the field of problem childhood, as well as the foster family support service "Find a family". In total, they managed to raise 1.5 million rubles.

Among the winners there is Natalia Vasilchenko, a volunteer from Khanty-Mansiysk, who became the best in the nomination "Commitment to charitable traditions".

Natalia Vasilchenko is a sole proprietor for more than 10 years. Her project is charity breakfasts.

– There are people from all over the region in our community. We started doing beauty, health and positioning it not only for ourselves and for our family members, but also for our environment. There was a need for meetings to exchange experience, so more than four years ago, the charity breakfasts project appeared.

The idea is that we invite a speaker who is interesting to the audience and during the meeting we discuss the topic, ask questions, get useful information from the guest. Among those invited to the event, we already had Anna Svalova with a topic about an art of speech, and Lyudmila Panchetovskaya also spoke about social entrepreneurship.

Of course, the pandemic has made its own adjustments, so there was an idea to make meetings online. The last charity breakfast with which we entered the competition was a meeting with a psychologist who I have known for a very long time and I really like to her life position. This is Maria Naumova, a mother with many children, a wife, a psychologist, who took place as an expert. I choose holistic personalities who have the balance, it really resonates with me. We plan to hold a whole series of lectures on family and development in the autumn.

We used the proceeds from this event to prevent secondary orphanhood, which meant participating in the competition. This organization is IRSU, which is headed by a well-known family psychologist and writer Lyudmila Petranovskaya.

Before the pandemic, we held breakfasts in different cities, mainly in Khanty-Mansiysk, of course. Here we cooperate with the Center for Social Assistance to Families and Children.

There were several charity breakfasts in Surgut. The funds from events were sent to the center for helping pensioners.

We send all the proceeds from the breakfasts to those in need. We contact the organization and clarify what they lack, and as a rule, these are some elementary things. For example, in a children's center, there were no felt boots for a child or a group of students studying remotely does not have enough office stationery.

Now my idea is to popularize the project in Ugra so that it can be scaled and attract more funds. At a gala dinner in Moscow dedicated to the contest, I said that our region is able to help those in need.

–Who can become a participant of the Charity Breakfast project?

- Anyone can participate. And we need a lot of publicity for charity breakfasts in order for more people to come. So far, we have held one event per quarter, but we plan to hold them monthly.

In addition, Amway has a project "Responsible for the future", in which there are several areas: "Reform", "I am responsible" and "Mother is an entrepreneur".

"Mother is an intrepreneur" is an educational project. It is now being held on a very large scale across the country, it is being held in more than 60 cities and is already being held in several stages in a number of cities. The participants are moms who have minor children, but they are not necessarily on maternity leave.

I supervise this project in the KhMAO and YaNAO, and I see prospects from this project. Moms who, for example, bake cakes, get out of their comfort zone, start developing their project, begin to immerse into these basics of business and understand that they can monetize their ideas while on maternity leave.

The participants have a five-day training and as a result, one winner receives a grant of 100 thousand rubles for development of her project. The Amway Foundation "Responsible for the future" becomes the grant-giver. We invite you to participate!


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