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Online session "Women Leaders on corporate social responsibility after coronavirus"

19june 2020 12.00-13.30
Brief description:

An online discussion on the subject of corporate social responsibility and social investments of businesses after lifting the restrictions associated with COVID-19 and consequence management.

The subject of the discussion is relevant because

During the active spread of coronavirus, the focus of most large companies and corporate funds was on medical, social and volunteer institutions that needed financial help. Such active involvement of business was noted at the legislative level: in the near future the President of the Russian Federation will sign a law according to which funds of companies (up to 1% of revenues) donated to NGOs will not be taxed. According to the Donors’ Forum survey, as early as in April, one third of the companies and funds planned to maintain the amount of charitable and social support, and one fifth - to increase it.

It is proposed to consider:

  • Changes in the volume and priorities of support for socially responsible businesses due to legislative changes and after the full lifting of quarantine period restrictions
  • Areas that will require additional assistance

  • Impact of the crisis on education and the solutions that business offers

  • Development of CSR strategies of companies in the post-coronavirus period

  • Social and charitable anti-crisis projects, which have already been implemented and are in demand

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