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Global mission. The main tasks of the third Eurasian Women's Forum

The Federation Council announced the holding of the third Eurasian Women's Forum in St. Petersburg in October 2021. Galina Karelova, deputy chairman of the Federation Council, spoke about what the forum will be like. Galina Nikolaevna, the epidemiological situation in our country remains difficult. Public events are not very welcome. Will the forum take place anyway? There are almost four months ahead. I really hope that the situation will return to normal. In all cases, there is an online format, tested during the pandemic, for which both we as organizers and potential participants are ready. Therefore, I can only answer your question in the affirmative. Why is it so important to hold the third Eurasian Women's Forum, despite the current situation? What topics will be discussed there? It is the current situation that makes the Forum especially relevant. There is not a single country, not a single area of ​​life that is not affected by the pandemic. We live in a new reality - we must reckon with it and correlate our actions. Hence the name of the Forum - “Women: Global Mission in a New Reality”. The main issues to be discussed are grouped into 5 major sections. On the whole, they are in line with the global agenda. The first topic is devoted to the mission of women in creating a climate of trust in the world. The situation today is alarming - sanctions, ultimatums instead of agreements. It is no coincidence that the UN proclaimed 2021 the International Year of Peace and Trust. The task of the women's community, in which it can succeed, is to promote constructive reconstruction, mutual understanding and cooperation, especially in the face of the threats facing the world - pandemics, climate change, wars, increasing inequality, etc. for whom the pandemic has become a serious test. Neither the best, nor, let alone the worst, national systems were fully prepared for this. In this area, women play a leading role. Who better than them to discuss what common lessons need to be learned today in order to protect themselves from similar situations in the future. An equally important topic (it is enshrined in the title of one of the strategic sessions, we will have 5 of them) - “Digital world. Growth points and opportunities for women ”. We are now experiencing an era of rapid digitalization, to which the pandemic has given a powerful additional impetus. There are many common tasks and problems related to women's employment, education, career choice, overcoming certain inequalities in women's involvement in the “digital” environment. Life shows that “digital” changes not only our way of life, our behavior, but also the economy, which can be extremely promising for women. Look - industries dominated by women - healthcare, education, advertising, design, e-commerce - were among the first to experience digital transformation. And it is these industries that today form the core of the new creative economy, in which creative, intellectual resources are becoming the leading ones. Already, the capitalization of creative industries exceeds $ 2 trillion and, according to forecasts, in the very near future, most of the added value will be created from creative (intellectual) resources. Thus, scientific and technological progress gives women an excellent chance, and it is very important that it be used to the maximum by them, used in their interests. And for this it is necessary to rebuild the education system, social infrastructure, and carry out a number of other changes. How to do this is also the subject of discussion at the Forum. The previous two women's forums were very representative in terms of the composition of experts. What will be the third one? We really hope that he will not yield to the first two. For several reasons. The pandemic has become a powerful blow to the world economy, reducing employment and incomes of the population, multiplying problems that literally need to be solved by the whole world. This is the first thing. Second, the previous Eurasian women's forums gave rise to very viable and effective associations of women leaders, for whom the forum platform is already familiar, convenient and necessary to exchange views and work out a common line for the future or agree on joint projects. By the way, we already have many such joint projects. Therefore, the program includes a meeting of the "Women's Twenty", and a meeting of the club of women - regional leaders, including governors and mayors of cities from different countries. There will be a presentation of the BRICS Women's Business Alliance and a session of the EAEU. And, of course, the traditional partners of the Forum, such organizations as UNIDO, World Bank, UNESKO, WHO, ILO ... - all of them are among the participants. Will the Forum be limited to a business program? Many informal events are planned, which, if the epidemiological situation permits, will take place both during the forum itself and in the city. In addition, I would very much like to show the guests St. Petersburg in all its beauty. Even if a person comes here not for the first time, it is impossible to exhaust the impressions of the city. From the very first Forum, we have been aiming to ensure that the Forum became for our guests also such a cultural bridge to our country. I am sure that this time he will successfully fulfill this role.
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