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Gohar Davtyan spoke about dealing a crises correctly

A live broadcast with a member of the Eurasian Union of Women Leaders aired on the official Instagram account of the Union.

The main topic of the meeting is the world after the pandemic. In 30 minutes, the business coach gave practical advice to the participants and shared her personal experience of overcoming the crisis. Gohar Davtyan is an ophthalmologist by education, currently engaged in entrepreneurship and coaching. Finding the right words and attitudes is her job.

Due to the coronavirus, one of Gohar's projects was stopped. She was forced to refuse to hold retreats in Armenia. She used the pause effectively, directing all her efforts to publish her own book of the same name. In the work you can find the formula for happiness. The author is sure that it begins not with career growth and material wealth, but with the alignment of values within oneself. Before starting a marathon of success, a person needs to understand what is really needed and what is important.

The same advice will help managers to bring the company out of the crisis. Autocrats and despots are unlikely to be able to keep the collective. According to Davtyan, anxiety and anxiety have increased in many telecommuting employees. To unite the team, managers need to remember the mission that exists in any business: what it was created for, to re-work common ideas with employees.

This is the fourth crisis in Gohar Davtyan's career. She believes that the secret of her success lies in her character. The business coach cited the example of Stephen Covey, who compares a person to a tree. You can tidy up the crown, but with weak roots it does not matter. Such a plant can be destroyed by the slightest breath of breeze. Davtyan uses any crisis to regroup and redistribute finances. This is about business. Psychologically, it is important to use your energy wisely. If a person cannot influence the situation, but it still occupies his thoughts, then forces go nowhere. Gossip, envy, condemnation - all these consumes the main human resource - energy. According to Gohar Davtyan, only awareness will help.

“Because our attention is like a magnifying glass: what we pay attention to increases. And there are a lot of good things in the world ”.

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