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A book by Ekaterina Kozinchenko is being prepared for publication

The book of Ekaterina Kozinchenko is on its way to readers For about three years Ekaterina Kozinchenko, Founder of Woman ID International Community, Member of Association of Women-Leaders had been working on the book telling her story of success and life-challenges. 'Two and a half year ago I realized that during the second round of my struggle I was totally defeated: I ran out of energy, my body was breaking down, the brain activity was lower than usual. That time I had a lot of business flights, was in the process of divorce after 20 years of marriage, I moved fr om the big country house to the city, taking my 3 children from the place wh ere they spent the whole childhood. My eldest son moved to Boston to study. It is too hard to bare all this challenges at the same time. Such moments make you stop and give a look back to your life. Right that time, when I had a look back I felt the intention to write a book', Ekaterina shares with her followers in Instagram. The author tells that, initially, the target readers were meant to be women, but men could also find something useful in it. Finally, the book is oriented towards everyone who is eager to reach prosperity in work, parenting, relationships and self-development. 'I do not consider myself as a perfect role model, good example or an icon of any kind. On the contrary, there is no exact 'right way', this is one of the main messages of the book what I intend to convey. You are the Director of your life, you are the only one who chooses the path among all the infinite varieties. The reason is to enjoy life and stay excited of it. It is impossible to be successful and happy all the time, but you can sustain the positive balance inside, change yourself and the environment around you', Ekaterina Kozinchenko says.
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