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'Mesmerizing meeting' Woman leaders celebrated the birthday of Chanel

'Mesmerizing meeting' Woman leaders celebrated the birthday of Chanel 40 women from 19 countries celebrated the birthday of Gabrielle Chanel. It was the first time when the annual celebration was held online. The event was organized by Yanina Dubeykovskaya, Founder and Leader of Women Influence Community. 'We all are very similar. Each woman cherishes inside a small piece of Gabrielle Chanel, a wise, skillful, graceful, frail but at the same time courageous woman', Yanina Dubeykovskaya assumes. Gabrielle Chanel was born on August 19, 1883. The style of Coco is still relevant even a century ago, and her life-story inspires to improve ourselves and the world. The event dadicated to the next anniversary of the fashion designer consisted of five online-meetings. Thus, the organizers took into account all the time-zones of the participants. All discussions were united by the main issue: which mark would be left in the human history by each participant. The speakers of Russian platform explained how to develop projects, which would have an impact on the society even after centuries. The participants noted that they need to forecast and model all positive changes. No doubt, there are values embedded into each business by the leader. The participants discussed various projects of women-leaders and analysed constituents of their success. The matter of discussion also involved the control over emotions, the power of mind, spirituality and internal harmony. The representatives from Africa actively participated in the conversation. Early marriages are still common in their country, and education is not available to the majority of girls. The women-leaders designate their mission in solving this issues and other current problems. Despite the overall concept, each meeting was unique. 'The worldwide meetings with women performed one essential thing. We are all very different: in culture, quality of life; each of us has a particular life and work experience. But, meanwhile, we are so similar in our life principals and values: we all are very strong, inspired, aimed at making this world better. And each of us strives to surround herself with the women, who share this ideas', Yanina Dubeykovskaya concluded. Such online meetings dedicated to the birthday of Coco Chanel are planned to become annual.
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