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Malika Bashaeva - children and family are the main human values

Malika Bashaeva is the head of the Golden Key Development Center.

The teacher is sure that children and family are the main values ​​of a person.

Primary education teacher. Then she graduated with honors from the St. Petersburg Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology, underwent retraining as a speech therapist and advanced training courses according to the method of Maria Montessori. In 2002, Malika began working as a teacher in Surgut.

After 3 years, the business woman opened a private kindergarten "Golden Key" in her three-room apartment.

The number of applicants grew. In 2015, the private garden received a license for educational activities. Today it has 3 branches - 2 in Surgut, 1 in the village of Solnechny (Surgut region). Children from 6 months to 8 years old are engaged in them according to programs of preschool and additional education. On the basis of the Center there is an art workshop "Rainbow". For children from 1 year old, classes "Mom and Baby" are held. For teenagers - the chess club "Knight's move".

In 2018, the Golden Key Development Center became the winner of the district competition "The Best Product of Yugra" in the nomination "Training and Educational Courses"; in 2021 - the competition "The best non-state provider of educational services in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra".

Yugorchanka is sure that the success of the projects is the merit of the whole team. The plans are to create our own social franchise, to transfer experience to other regions of Russia.

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