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OECD NEA International Working Group on Gender Balance.

  • Yunikova Alesya
    Director of the Center for International Cooperation, ANO Technical Academy of Rosatom
Alesya Yunikova, Director of the Center for International Cooperation of ANO "Technical Academy of Rosatom" and Chairman of the Committee for International Work of the Association of Women of the Nuclear Industry is from Russia a member of the working group on gender balance based on the OECD NEA. One of the main tasks of the group is to collect data on the representation of women in organizations in the nuclear sector. Qualitative and quantitative indicators have been developed by Members to collect data among the participating countries. The working group includes representatives from 12 member countries: the Russian Federation, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and the United States. OECD NEA member countries are raising the issue of gender balance due to its growing importance. The Agency is systematically working to improve gender balance in the nuclear sector and involve the young female generation in the nuclear industry, as well as in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professions. Representatives of the Nuclear Industry Women's Association regularly take part in the Agency's events - these are international mentoring seminars to support the young generation of scientists and engineers, mainly girls - high school students and first-year university students, and conferences with inspiring career paths for young women specialists. In May 2021, the last meeting of the international working group was held with the presentation of indicators from the participating countries for further collection of statistics in the format of a report on the representation of women in the global nuclear sector. Within the framework of the III Eurasian Women's Forum, which will take place on October 13-15 in St. Petersburg, a meeting of the International Working Group is planned.
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