• Gaychentseva Irina
    Managing Director of the Ugra Export Support Center Foundation

We share the video of the project "Excursions to creative enterprises", the author of which is a member of the Eurasian Association of Women Regional Leaders, Director of the Fund "Ugra Regional Guarantee Organization" Irina Gaychentseva

"Excursions to Creative" is a series of videos about businesses operating in the creative industries. The platform allows you to promote goods and services of entrepreneurs, and also introduces teenagers to the nuances of creative professions.

“One of the tasks that we laid down was to show our schoolchildren that there is a place for their talents in Ugra, they do not need to leave to realize their potential.

The main advantage of the project was the online format. It allows replicating this type of project to other regions and countries, as well as exchanging experience in the field of creative industries not only at the interregional, but also at the international level,” said Irina Gaychentseva , the creator of the project .

The project was created during the Woman Leader Program. The team included participants from Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Kuzbass, Tyumen and Ugra. Federal experts note that the project is extremely relevant. In the era of digital development, traditional human labor is gradually losing its relevance, robots are replacing humans. People need to find a new occupation for which they will be paid, and the solution to this problem is to engage in creative work and the creative economy.

In addition, the project was sent as a best practice to the Smartek platform .

“The Agency for Strategic Initiatives selected career guidance projects. Out of 350 applications from all over the country, 3 practices reached the final , including ours . Now the Ugra online project is present on the Russian map of educational opportunities " Smarteki ", - said Irina Gaychentseva .

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