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Peace Hour: Uniting Hearts The P50 community will traditionally hold an action on Peace Day

On September 21, the United Nations established a holiday known as the International Day of Peace. Every year this day the Peace-50 community hosts the Peace Hour online event. Women from different countries urge all concerned inhabitants of the planet to "join hands", think and talk about the most important things.

Peace is one of the main words in the life of every person, and the preservation of peace is one of the main tasks of all mankind. Today this topic is more relevant than ever. The planet is faced with a number of serious challenges, which can only be overcome by joining efforts.

There are different ways to preserve peace - at the level of government structures and political decision-making, through the creation and development of social, entrepreneurial, cultural and educational projects, private and partnership initiatives. Women's diplomacy has shown great efficiency in this direction.

One of the important values ​​of the Peace-50 community is associated with building horizontal communications based on mutual understanding and support. The women of the world are sure: it is precisely such relationships that have the most powerful and solid foundation, because their participants are united by a common spirit. It is no coincidence that the phrase “Building connections from heart to heart” has become the slogan of the community.

Peace 50 members meet annually in June to discuss the challenges facing societies towards sustainable development. To build and develop horizontal communications, P50 annually organizes the Summer Peace Summit - a large meeting that brings together women from different countries.

Another warm tradition of the community is the Peace Hour campaign. Every year on September 21, women leaders from Russia, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, USA, South Africa, Armenia, India, Ukraine, Mongolia, China and many other countries meet online in order to share their understanding of the importance of maintaining peace, the expediency of ending wars and any destructive actions, offer solutions to problems.

Such meetings are very important, because they help to unite hearts, strengthen ties, build individual thoughts, ideas and plans into a big big picture. All this makes it possible to more clearly think over large-scale and local strategic steps, move in the right direction and more accurately formulate the goals of any business, social, cultural and educational projects.

On September 21 at 16:00 Peace-50 community is holding another Peace Hour event and invites all interested journalists and bloggers to join this event and cover it in their media.
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