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Develop your leadership on stage!

Tomorrow, the full-time module of the program "Development of Authentic Leadership through the Theater of Competences" will start at the Management Workshop. It will be dedicated to unleashing the creative potential of each participant and developing the skills of forming teams from dissimilar people. Education and inclusive theater, dance and painting, creativity and knowledge will unite on one site. Listeners will take a fresh look at themselves, learn to listen and hear, expand their boundaries through trust. For example, the participants will be offered a creative experiment - under the guidance of deaf-blind leaders, they will try to develop their not yet discovered abilities: "See" the sound "Hear" color "Look" without sight "Communicate" without a voice be able to open yourself to new and unusual The program will bring together 50 winners and finalists of the Leaders of Russia management competition of the Russia - Land of Opportunities platform, the Internet Communications Leaders competition and graduates of our Woman Leader program.
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