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Amway Charitable Foundation "Responsible for the Future"

Soshinskaya Anna
President of the Amway Charity Foundation "Responsible for the Future"
Children are our future, which means that we must give them the right upbringing, the opportunity for self-realization and creative freedom. After all, only in this case they will grow up smart, happy and healthy - the way we want to see future generations. That is why the Amway charitable foundation "In charge of the future" implements the "With love for children" program aimed at strengthening the institution of the family and promoting the principles of responsible parenting. We strive to make the world cleaner and better! Children are worth making the world cleaner and more beautiful, because bad ecology will not allow them to grow up active and talented. In a gray, monotonous world with a spoiled ecology, there is no place for joy. This is why caring for nature has also become a priority for the Amway Foundation for the Future. The third direction of the fund's activities - the program "With faith in the future" - is aimed at supporting the development of small businesses among socially unprotected categories of the population. Within the framework of this direction, the project "Mom-Entrepreneur" is being implemented, within which mothers undergo training and open their own business in order to be able to have a flexible work schedule and spend more time with their children.
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