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"Clean yard - a cozy city"

Kharitonenko Olesya
Head of the municipality-Chairperson of the Evpatoria city Council
Household improvement project

Over the past 25 years, the localities in the city have been in a very deplorable state.
For residents of the city of Evpatoria, the repair of the embankment, squares and city parks is not so important.
Residents want to see changes in their yards. In view of the absence, for decades, of major repairs to courtyard spaces, they are simply morally outdated and worn out. The playgrounds and sports grounds are broken or plundered by vandals, and those that residents and housing offices somehow kept do not meet state standards.

Also, the number of cars has grown significantly, which requires a rethinking of courtyard areas and the construction of new parking spaces. Lack of adequate lighting and poor condition of the asphalt concrete surface remain problems.

The project provides for a competition - "Marathon for the improvement of adjoining territories" Clean courtyard - a cozy city "- carrying out subbotniks in their yards - the winners of which will receive a comprehensive improvement of adjoining territories (road surface repair, lighting restoration, replacement of children's and sports grounds, organization of new parking spaces and other landscaping).

Objective of the project:

Involvement of citizens in the project for the improvement of the adjacent territories, both by performing the work themselves directly, and by participating in the discussions of projects for redeveloping the courtyard territories. Identification of “courtyard leaders - local leaders”.

Resources and implementation tools, target groups (objects), terms of implementation of the social project, its other substantive characteristics;

Key Resources:

- Attraction of residents to work on the improvement of their adjoining territories.

- Active support of the competition by the leadership of the city and the local branch of the United Russia WFP.

- Conducting an information campaign in local media and social media groups.

- Attraction of funds from the local budget.

 The marathon is an annual citywide competition, which provides for the implementation of certain stages throughout the year.
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