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Foundation for the Development of Non-Governmental Diplomacy "Women's View"

Peshkova Veronika
United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Industrial Development (UNIDO), President of the Women's Eye Foundation for the Development of Public Diplomacy, Director of the Center for Women's Entrepreneurship Development
The Foundation for the Development of Non-Governmental Diplomacy "Women's View" has been established in Russia.
This is a unique platform that will unite women from all over the world to develop positions and opinions on women's and children's health, professional development, education, sports, culture, as well as the implementation of joint projects at the national and international levels.
Today, the fair sex is occupying more and more significant positions in such areas as business, government and public activities. And every day the relevance of the women's agenda is growing, the world is increasingly listening to women's voices. The largest international organizations and structures now have a women's dimension (G20 Women's Summit, UN Women, BRICS Forum of Women Parliamentarians, Forbes Women's Forum, TED Women's Conferences, etc.).
In addition, international, especially American, experience shows that women are becoming opinion leaders and shaping a new agenda focused on creating fairer conditions for the fair sex, a sustainable model of the economy and labor, and at smoothing out and removing social and domestic political contradictions.
The Women's Vision Foundation, created on the initiative of the women of our country, will become a modern organization for establishing contacts, sharing experience and promoting the women's agenda. This will allow not only to involve Russian society in current global trends and discourse, but also to strengthen the image of a progressive society that is not indifferent to the future. In addition, the Women's View Foundation is able to become an effective instrument for establishing relations between Russia and other countries along the “second track”.
Such contacts will be built through large non-governmental women's organizations (such as the National Women's Organization of the United States), organizations of specialized formats (funds to support parents of autistic children, disabled people, etc.) and commercial socially oriented projects.

It is important to note that the Foundation will differ from other various women's organizations in the eyes of the international community in several ways. Thus, it will allow to establish links between already existing national women's initiatives, help them to reach the international level, and also involve the women of our country in international processes.
Women leaders from various fields of activity will take part in the work of the Fund, which will contribute to the harmonization of working relations between countries.
Another important feature of the Fund is that its activities are aimed at solving urgent problems of all participating countries, while a significant part of organizations (for example, the UN format) are mainly aimed at the group of the poorest states.

Thus, the "Women's View" will promote the development of ties between Russian and international women's associations, promote the empowerment of the fair sex, actualize the problems that worry women all over the world, establish business and professional communications. The Fund will become a platform for the exchange of experience and best practices between states in the field of women's and children's health, education and sports.
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