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Program "With love for children"

Soshinskaya Anna
President of the Amway Charity Foundation "Responsible for the Future"
In Russia, the family has been revered for centuries as a great value, support and support, ensuring survival in difficult conditions of the struggle for existence. It is the family that determines the development of the child, his habits and moral qualities, both positive and negative. Raising a child is not only about creating material well-being, getting an education, etc. Raising children in a family is a complex but interesting process that influences the formation and development of the personality of parents and children. In modern society, with its speed, vast flow of information, constant changes, there is more and more a loss of connection between generations, a lack of trust and understanding between children and parents. Even relatives. And what can we say about foster families, in which children learn to love and trust anew. According to sad statistics in our country, every 10th child is returned back to the orphanage. Again disappointment, again offense, again anger at the world around me. This can be avoided if you turn to specialists in time. Program activities: Grant competition among non-profit organizations: Annually, the Fund "In charge of the future" together with the Fund for the Support and Development of Philanthropy "KAF" holds a "Grant Competition" among non-profit organizations, including state and municipal ones. The competition has been held since 2013. Program "About children in an adult way" for all families: No matter how difficult it may be, we are in favor of taking a conscious approach to raising children. Not everyone can afford frequent personal consultations with a psychologist. For all parents, relatives and foster children, every month there are broadcasts of the program "About children in an adult way", where we discuss the most acute and complex issues of raising children. Vseobuch: A training program for specialists from different departments working with blood and foster families in a difficult life situation. At the moment, the program is being implemented in the Udmurt Republic and the Arkhangelsk region together with the Institute for the Development of Family Arrangements under the leadership of Lyudmila Petranovskaya. #YavOtvete: Russia's first fundraising assistance program for foster families. As part of this project, every Amway entrepreneur has the opportunity to hold their own charity event. The fund transfers all the collected funds in favor of the program "With love for children" and distributes between charitable organizations and NGOs dealing with the problems of adoptive parenting.
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