Yulia Muzyka
Head of Rustrends-project: aimed at preserving folk crafts. It is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
RUSTRENDS is a project aimed at preserving, developing and popularizing Russian folk arts and crafts in our country and the world. An important element of the project is its focus on the inclusion of representatives of the international community in the project and the popularization of folk arts and crafts abroad.

The project is aimed at solving problems that hinder the development of folk crafts, which consist in the association of folk crafts in the mass consciousness of citizens with unattractive, non-modern and inapplicable products and products in everyday life, as well as the lack of demand for folk crafts, and as a result, the problem with their commercialization. All resources that cover and popularize folk crafts are not very informative, are not of interest to a young audience, and do not have regular content with an attractive design.

“The experience of the team, as well as the ways to achieve the goals set for the project, will allow us to modernize and adapt folk arts and crafts, create a unified system, unite creative workshops and the results of their activities, as well as create a single platform presenting folk arts and crafts in a new and interesting form for the consumer. ", - comments the project manager Yulia Muzyka.

The project idea is based on the conducted methodological and analytical work aimed at identifying potential trends in the branches of folk arts and crafts and the most informative methods for their development and promotion. By modernizing the communicative component of the design and production of folk art products, as well as changing the system for their subsequent implementation, the sphere of folk art will receive new opportunities, ways to popularize its goods and raise the bar for the industry's image.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to open an "Embassy of Folk Crafts" on the territory of the popular Izmailovo Kremlin, where the leading folk crafts of the country will be concentrated. These will be the official representative offices of the NHP in the format of workshops, which will allow anyone who wants to touch the philosophy of the craft from the inside, undergo training from the masters of the NHP, and purchase original products.

An Internet portal is being finalized, which will reveal the potential of art crafts and integrate them into modern culture and fashion. Also, this portal will collect various NHP products and present them in a convenient and understandable format, and the domain and content of the site will become complex objects of intellectual property.
RUSTRENDS will be the first project to change the perception of folk crafts and present them in a modern and attractive format, as a result of which a new audience will be expanded and attracted.
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