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The IV Eurasian Women's Forum will give a new impetus to the development of cooperation with the CIS countries

Galina Karelova, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, commented on the results of the study “CIS countries in the eyes of the Russian consumer.” It was conducted by the EWF Council project team “Research on the socio-economic status of women: Russian and international experience” (NAFI Analytical Center).  

Sociologists assessed respondents' awareness of customs and culture, local industries, the level of trust in goods, and the tourist attractiveness of 9 countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. According to experts, public opinion research has allowed generating a lot of ideas useful to entrepreneurs and company executives who intend to enter new markets.  

The Vice Speaker voiced one of the main conclusions of the study, which is the need for more intensive development and strengthening of intercultural communications between the CIS countries. The percentage of awareness among the respondents about the culture of the nearest neighbors is currently low. Only two out of nine countries, which are Belarus and Kazakhstan, are familiar to Russians quite well, 7 out of 10 respondents trust goods from these regions. As a result, these same countries arouse greater tourist interest among Russians.  

“The Eurasian Women's Forum, as one of the most prestigious international platforms, including one that plays a global consolidating role, I am convinced that it will draw attention to this topic and give a new impetus to its development. Combining the efforts of women leaders and women's associations of the CIS countries, aimed at raising awareness about the countries, developing intercultural ties, will have a direct impact on improving the effectiveness of economic cooperation,” Galina Nikolaevna shared.  

From September 18 to 20, 2024, St. Petersburg will host the fourth Eurasian Women's Forum, which is held under the patronage of the Federation Council. Six thematic platforms will be presented during the forum: a multipolar world and diplomacy; economics; science and technology; climate and ecology; health and social well-being; traditions and cultural diversity.  

2024 is the Year of Russia's presidency in the Commonwealth of Independent States, more than 150 events are planned for this period, the key one is the CIS autumn summit in Moscow.   


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