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First coworking space opened its doors in Raduzhny

A new coworking space with a symbolic name 'VMeste' is a creative place opened in Raduzhny, one of the cities in Ugra. The area of the space covers 350 sq.m. of the City Hall wing. There is a wi-fi zone, conference-halls and a recording studio in the centre. Natalia Gulina, Head of Raduzhny and Participant of the Association of Women-Regional Leaders assisted in the development of the creative space.
The co-working space operates on the basis of an autonomous institution City Youth Centre 'Vector M'. The main goal for the development of the co-working space '#VMeste' is the creation of the modern and comfortable place for people with different interests and hobbys. The main goal is to create a special environment which would not impose conditions, but develop values and give a clear motivation to implement new ideas.

'The space includes recording and television studios. Al the required equipment is already installed. We are very thankful to the Head of the city! This area could become a point of attraction for both young city residents and people of all ages. The Deputy Fund of Andrey Filatov covered a part of the expenditures for the equipment needed for the television and recording studios. The Deputy made a great present to our youth', Galina Golubeva, Head of the Department for Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs, said.
Coworking, in general, means a shared facility for people with different occupations, interests and hobbies. The residents of Raduzhny could work on versatile projects and put them into practice in this space.
'I heard a lot about a co-working space, but today we have visited it for the first time', Andrey Filatov, Deputy of Ugra Duma, who took part into the project, noted during the excursion, 'No doubt, it is essential to have the area of this type. The space was organised and equiped in such a way that it will attract young city residents. Moreover, we should understand the purpose of the development of the coworking space. There is enough public places around the city. The place should be productive and beneficial, that is the main goal. The philosophy of a co-working space requires the ability of the young initiative people to find their soulmates and implement their projects, the opportunity to meet and discuss the ideas with partners. The project would be fully accomplished and effective only if Raduzhny succeeds in its implementation. I am confident that the approach of the City Authorities of Raduzhny will bring the project to its success.'
Now the co-working space is used for holding educational sessions and workshops, seminars, public discussions and project presentations. Thus, Zhanna Naimakhanovna moved back to Ugra fr om Spain during the Spring border closure due to the pandemic. She is a production manager in a large enterprise. The company switched to the distance work, so it was a great chance to visit her compatriots while implementing her job requirements. But it was evident that the habit of working in silence was to hard to break.
At home everything could distract you from work: family, TV-set, accessive comfort, that was the reason to come and work here, at a co-working space. I visited this place 3-4 days after my arrival to Raduzhny. I was surprised that it is free. I suppose, I am working here for almost 3 weeks now. It is very comfortable', Zhanna Naimahanovna shared.
In addition, the co-working space has already become an area for local volunteers. It is a place to discuss their further projects. Now the volunteers help the people of senior age who stay at home due to the lockdown. The group consists of 30 volunteers involved into the work. The total amount of people involved in different volunteering associations of Raduzhny is about 600.

'It is not your home or workplace, it is the area for creativity. First of all, the space was developed for children who are willing to come here and share their ideas for increasing the well-being of the residents of Raduzhny, or the whole society', Galina Stavtseva, Director of Youth Centre 'Vector M', which became the basis for the coworking place, shared.
The co-working space 'VMeste' - is a place for smart, creative and active people wh ere they could unleash the potential through the activities aimed at the well-being of their city.

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