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Olga Sidorova
Expert of the Public Chamber of Ugra. Chairman of the RPO "Yugorsk Intellectual Club", author, curator of social projects
Today the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra, is one of the main centers of the oil industry in Russia. It is called the oil region, the industrial and energy heart of Russia. However, the appearance of industrial cities, moreover located in northern latitudes, is dominated by gray tones, short daylight hours, lack of sunlight, which negatively affects residents. But this also creates a huge potential for the creative expression of children and young people. Another urgent problem is the psychology of "temporary workers", a large number of residents arrived relatively recently. The project is aimed at supporting local history work to search, systematize, preserve and popularize knowledge about the history of the emergence and development of the district, about representatives of labor professions who have made a significant contribution to its development, special importance is attached to the interethnic issue. Involving children in the transformation of urban space and, of course, professional artists to implement their creative ideas! The Open Air Museum project has been implementing the following stages from 2018 to the present day: - conducting educational lectures, events that reveal the history of the creation, development of cities and the district; - teaching schoolchildren in artistic creation; - subsequent creative drawing competition dedicated to history and the future; District, nature, as well as the culture of the peoples living on its territory; - direct implementation of the best artistic ideas of the city's youth; - transfer of their sketches to the walls of houses and technical structures of the city
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