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The program "Taking care of nature"

Soshinskaya Anna
President of the Amway Charity Foundation "Responsible for the Future"
Today, the topic of the deterioration of the ecological state of the planet is one of the most discussed in the media. Not only representatives of numerous environmental organizations, but also the overwhelming majority of people are well aware of the existing problems in the environmental field: pollution of the biosphere, disappearance of rare animals and plants, destruction of the ozone layer, climate change, depletion of natural resources, and so on. Nevertheless, every day the ecological state of our planet is only getting worse. The main reason for this phenomenon is an irresponsible attitude towards the natural environment, which manifests itself both at the level of entire states and large corporations, and at the individual level. The ability to preserve nature depends on the efforts of each of us. Climate change, natural anomalies and disasters, forest fires, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis - all this not only leads to suffering and loss of life, but is often a direct consequence of human activity. The Amway Charitable Foundation strives to take steps towards preserving the environment of our country and the world. We call on all inhabitants of our planet to take care of nature, preserving it for the health and happiness of future generations. It is important to protect the environment so that our children can enjoy the beauty of the untouched wilderness. Appreciate nature, because without it human existence is impossible! Program activities: The program "Clean Bank = Clean Water": For all active fighters for the environment, we annually propose to organize an action "Clean Bank = Clean Water" to clean the banks of rivers, lakes, ponds. Eco-lectures with Elena Smirnova: You can get theoretical and practical knowledge on ecology, pollution control by listening to eco-lectures with Elena Smirnova, Development Director at Ecobureau GREENS Competition of grants for national parks of Russia: In 2012, Amway acted as the exclusive partner of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the implementation of the program "Reserves and National Parks of Russia". The theme of the All-Russian competition for small grants was “Preservation and restoration of rare and especially valuable species in reserves and national parks”.
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