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G. Karelova: After the forum, we will continue to support new projects of the EWF, including in high-tech areas and the field of preserving the health of citizens

The organizers and participants of the Third Eurasian Women's Forum (EWF) summed up its results.

Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council, Chairperson of the Council of the Eurasian Women's Forum Galina Karelova took part in the press conference “The Third Eurasian Women's Forum. Development impulse ". The forum was held in St. Petersburg from 13 to 15 October.

During the press conference, the senator summed up its results, noting that the event gathered more than 2.5 thousand participants (1500 in person, 1000 experts and speakers were present online) from 111 countries of the world, 23 major international organizations. 3 million people have connected to the forum sites via the Internet. There were about 600 performances, more than 300 events took place.

According to Galina Karelova, the architecture of the event program was based on a platform approach, which included five thematic platforms and made it possible to systematize priority areas of discussion. “The topic of health, which is especially relevant today, has become a cross-cutting topic of our forum,” she stressed.

The vice-speaker of the Federation Council reported that expert sessions, scientific and practical seminars and open dialogues with the participation of leading international speakers, discussions and presentations of innovative projects were held within the framework of the platform "Women's Mission - Together for a Healthy Society". The traditional "Festival of Health and Beauty" was held at the forum, as well as the cabinet "Medicine of the Future", which became a significant innovation of the forum.

Galina Karelova recalled in her speech that after the First Eurasian Forum, the National Strategy for Action in the Interests of Women was adopted, which will expire in 2022. In the context of the need to adopt a new document this year, the forum participants have drawn up a draft of an updated National Strategy for Action in the Interests of Women, which, according to the senator, will be brought to the stage of adoption at the state level.

The Vice Speaker drew attention to the fact that in cooperation with ministries, public and international organizations, active project activities are already being carried out. “The portfolio of the EWF Council includes 23 projects, the implementation of which is aimed at creating new opportunities for women in solving socially significant problems. This is the development of rural areas, and the development of women's entrepreneurship, support for the volunteer movement, support for women innovators, women scientists and much more. "

“In the near future, the EWF Council will launch new projects focused on preserving the health of citizens, developing women's competencies in the financial sector, supporting women's innovative projects in high-tech areas and the agro-industrial complex. We have a lot of work to do, ”Galina Karelova assured.

Deputy Head of the Federal Biomedical Agency Tatyana Yakovleva focused on the issues of preserving public health, the values ​​of a healthy lifestyle, and building a healthy and safe future. She drew attention to the holding of the marathon "Women's health - the well-being of the nation" within the framework of the forum. “The whole world is fighting a pandemic, and 80 percent of doctors are women. Therefore, within the framework of the strategic session “Women's Mission: Together for a Healthy Present and Future”, proposals were made to unite the efforts of all women in the world in vaccinating their families, to create a single platform on the basis of WHO for the exchange of experience in this area, ”noted Tatyana Yakovleva.

Oksana Drapkina, director of the National Medical Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine of the Russian Ministry of Health, announced the formation of the public movement Women for a Healthy Lifestyle. Women, according to her, have a higher level of medical literacy and motivation, which means that in reality, through their families, their loved ones can contribute to the well-being of the nation.

Anastasia Stolkova, First Deputy Director for Development, Head of the Healthcare Directorate of the Roscongress Foundation, spoke about the marathon "Women's Health - the Well-being of the Nation", which was attended by over 1 million people. She expressed hope that the marathon "Women's Health - Well-Being of the Nation" will become an annual event.

Elena Zhidkova, Head of the Central Directorate of Healthcare of JSC Russian Railways, informed about the promising medical projects presented at the forum, including the work of the medicine cabinet of the future.
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