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Irina Makieva: "All important areas of urban development are in the hands of women"

“Women are not afraid of responsibility and the most difficult tasks. Every year more and more leaders appear among them who want to make our cities better. This is largely the merit of Valentina Ivanovna Matvienko and Galina Nikolaevna Karelova - thanks to them, the women's agenda “sounded” with renewed vigor, ”says Irina Vladimirovna Makieva, chief executive partner for urban development of the VEB.RF state corporation, general director of the Monocities Development Fund. Irina Makieva's column on the role of women in urban development, how important it is to help them express themselves, about the qualities that enable women to cope with the most difficult tasks has been published on the EWF global platform. So, in 2018, in monotowns - the most difficult territories of our country - there were only 10 female heads. In 3 years this figure has grown 6 times - today there are almost 60 of them! And this despite the fact that the mayor's job is hard daily work. It is important to support the initiators of urban development projects, since the main goal of such projects is to improve the lives of people. Therefore, in the fall of last year, within the framework of the preparation for the third Eurasian Women's Forum, a large-scale project of the Council of the Eurasian Women's Forum was launched - “Women's Initiatives in the Development of Territories”. Its main goal is to identify best practices and share them across the country.

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