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An entrepreneur from Ugra built a business on wild plants

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On an industrial scale, the Ugra woman Natalya-Teline Chainikova-Vakhrusheva grows forest and marsh berries on her land. Plantations of cloudberries, cranberries, princes, blueberries are planted in the Khanty-Mansiysk region at the Tavozhnoe tract.

Jam, juices, concentrates are made from wild plants. Local manufacturer's products can be found on store shelves. Before starting planting plantations Natalya-Taline studied in Kostroma and Arkhangelsk. She participated in scientific conferences, consulted with European scientists. The regional Technopark helped the woman to make her way from an amateur breeder to a professional.

Natalia's idea received support within the framework of the national project "Small and Medium Enterprises and Support for Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives". Now the business woman runs the company Yagody Ugra LLC and shares her method of growing wild plants with everyone.

At the end of the summer, a delegation from the Tyumen region came to her plantation. The director of Yagoda Ugra told the successors about the methods of forming berry checks, preparing the planting areas and her preferences in choosing special equipment.

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