Main pageNewsYugorchanka became the winner of the Russian competition "Leaders of Internet Communications".

Yugorchanka became the winner of the Russian competition "Leaders of Internet Communications".

The closing ceremony of the Internet Communications Leaders competition was held in Moscow ⠀ More than thirteen thousand Russian specialists in the field of Internet communications fought with dignity for the victory. Olga Vyatkina fr om Nizhnevartovsk was among the 52 best professionals in all stages. ⠀ “I have been involved in communications for more than eight years, but I started to interact in the network about five years ago. Then I could not imagine wh ere this road could lead. “Leaders of Internet Communications” is a stunning professional adventure in which my colleagues and I were able to test our strength, share experience and knowledge, learn new things, ”Olga Vyatkina shared her impressions of the competition. ⠀ Vartovchanka submitted to the competition a project for the management company to build stable relationships with residents of apartment buildings in popular social networks to reduce reputation risks, provide high-quality feedback and involve residents in productive interaction with the service organization. ⠀ Director General of ANO Dialogue Alexey Goreslavsky spoke on behalf of the organizers: "For us, the competition is an opportunity to concentrate on one site all the best that is in the industry today, and to create new connections, to unite efforts to respond to common challenges." Recall that the face-to-face selection stage at the Internet Communications Leaders competition started on May 19 with a control test, following which 376 contestants were admitted to the semifinal tests. Of these, 137 finalists were selected, who have competed for victory over the past two days. Among the contenders for the victory were four participants from the Autonomous Okrug: Olga Vyatkina from Nizhnevartovsk, Andrey Lakhtin from Nyagan, Oksana Shestakova from Megion and Evgenia Shubina from Surgut. The Internet Communications Leaders competition is held by Dialogue ANO with the support of Russia - the Land of Opportunities ANO. The winners will have the opportunity to find a job for vacant positions in the structure of ANO Dialogue, press services of regional executive bodies, in partner companies, will be able to undergo an internship with the country's leading Internet experts, mentors of the competition, and will also become participants in an educational program for the development of managerial and digital competencies.
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