In early August, the regional program “Women’s Leadership” in the Ural Federal District was launched in Ugra. During the first module, webinars introduced participants to methods and practices of personal leadership to increase personal effectiveness.


In September, the second module “Social design” of the educational program of the regional stream “Women’s Leadership” was launched, the main purpose of which was technology of development and implementation of social projects. The key topics of the second module were: models of sustainable development of projects, assessment of possible risks, methods of support and promotion of social projects, flexible approaches to project management, etc.


During the second module, webinars introduced participants to the leading advanced techniques and practices in the field of social design. An important task was to introduce the participants to the best Russian and international examples of successful social projects. During the webinar “Methods of support and promotion social projects” (project resource support) the participants learned what resources are needed for the implementation of projects, who can be attracted, and what are project resources. The speaker of the session was Elvira Aleynichenko, expert in the field of charity and social investments, head of the project office “GrandRafting Social Innovation Management Center,” consultant of grant competitions of state structures, businesses and foundations.


Another webinar was dedicated to the topic “Social impact projects: general principles and differences,” the speaker of which was Vladimir Weiner, Head of the Center for Innovative Ecosystems in the Social Sphere Institute of Socio-Economic Design of the Higher School of Economics, Director of the Positive Change Factory. During the webinar Vladimir discussed the ladder of social impact, the criteria of a social enterprise and analyzed successful cases of social impact projects.


During the webinar “Principles of social project development,” the participants got acquainted with the speaker of the program – Alexander Obrуzkov, head of the “Women’s Leadership” program. Alexander discussed the key points of the social project, spoke about the logic of collecting and preparing information, and analysed the structure and content of the presentation template.


It is worth noting the topic of the next webinar “The role of leaders in the implementation of the ESG agenda,” the speaker of which was Irina Arkhipova, Deputy Dean of the Higher School of Business of the Higher School of Economics, Professor of Practice at the Higher School of Economics. During the webinar, the audience shared sustainability standards, ESG ratings and non-financial reporting. Irina spoke about the sustainable development management system in the company, and the profession of CSR manager.


Also, participants met Pavel Alferov, professor of business practice at the Moscow School of Management “Skolkovo,” expert in the field of project management and programs of high complexity. During the webinar “Theory and practice of launching social projects” Pavel presented his skills in project management, shared how to competently prepare a project description, how to identify the main groups of stakeholders and involve them into the project, how to determine the first steps when launching projects. The participants were presented and prescribed the problem-solving chains in the launch of projects.


During the webinar “Project roles and organizational design,” the participants discussed the very understanding of the positions and roles in a team, decision-making models, and studied planning processes. The speaker of the module was Victoria Dobrovolskaya, co–founder and CEO of “Exponent,” co-founder of the University representative office Singularity in Moscow.


After the meetings at the webinars of the second module of the educational program “Women’s Leadership,” the participants were waiting for webinars and meetings with speakers of the second intermodular period. For example, the participants met Anna Belan, head of the innovation centre, who is engaged in social design and helps in transforming social ideas into projects ready for grant competitions.


At the webinar “Project Packaging: from idea to grant,” Anna taught the basics of social design, shared valuable life hacks of a grantwriter (how to find information, prepare an application) and spoke about grant support for social projects.


Additionally, the participants had a chance to meet Anastasia Kucherena at the webinar “How to build a partnership in projects.” Anastasia is a Managing partner, General Director of the consulting company “KCG Consulting Group.” During the webinar, 10 important rules and principles of negotiations were revealed. Anastasia explained how to correctly draw up a partnership agreement and shared how the partnership strengthens the project. During the next webinar “Social Entrepreneurship in Russia. Dare and win” the audience got acquainted with the Novel Aranin, General Director of PLC “Observer” and PLC “Factory Observer,” chairman of the KRPO of the disabled “The Ark,” social entrepreneur. During the webinar, Roman discussed social entrepreneurship in Russia with the participants, spoke about the interaction of business, NGOs and authorities, and also shared his personal 4 main principles of positive emotional energy.


We remind you that the educational program “Women’s Leadership” is implemented by the Senezh Management Workshop of the NPO “Russia – the country of opportunities” together with the Council of the Eurasian Women's Forum at The Federation Council and the Eurasian Association of Regional Female Leaders, coordinated by Natalia Komarova, Governor of Ugra. At the moment, the first module has already started. The third module of the educational program will be held under the title “Team leadership: resources and opportunities,” and will be devoted to building an effective team for social projects, and strengthening the “work & life” balance system.


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