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Makieva Irina
Deputy Chairman of the State Corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs" (Vnesheconombank), General Director of MonogorodaRF.
The Walk City project was launched in February last year by the Monotown Development Fund in cooperation with VEB.RF, the Russian Export Center, and Google and Yandex. 166 single-industry towns and 13 large centers joined the action.
Walk the City is not just an entertaining quest, but a real mechanism that helps to develop small and medium-sized businesses and attract tourists to cities.
According to the results of last year alone, the growth of interest in single-industry towns grew by 22%

Currently, the implementation of the project "Walk the City" in connection with the coronavirus pandemic is going online.
As the first stage of work in the new format, the Monocities Development Fund proposes to cities to develop Victory Routes - this is the application of information about military-historical objects to online maps. This action is timed to coincide with the Year of Memory and Glory announced by the President of Russia.

To participate in the online project, cities need to develop interactive "Victory Routes" in places of memory of the Great Patriotic War and military-historical sites. In cities where there have been no hostilities, the route can run through facilities that produced products for the needs of the front.

Participants of the action need to make a list of locations, outline the track scheme and calculate the timing of the route by marking objects on Yandex or Google maps. Ready routes should be sent to for organizational assistance from the Monogorodarf Development Fund in carrying out the action offline after the restrictive measures have been lifted.

In total, about 180 cities took part in the action during the implementation of the "Walk the City" project.
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