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"Education Volunteers"

Tsivileva Anna
Chairperson of the Council for social care in the Kemerovo region, Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the women's forum 'Role of women in development of industrial regions'
The charitable project "Education Volunteers" was developed by the Kemerovo Pedagogical College and the Kuzbass Volunteer Development Resource Center with the support of the Council for Trusteeship in the Social Sphere and the Regional Ministry of Education and Science.
The project is designed to attract students to volunteer activities aimed at educational and vocational guidance work with schoolchildren and their parents.
The number of education volunteers included students in grades 8-11, students of universities and teacher training colleges, specialists in various
areas of activity and veterans of pedagogical work. All of them help schoolchildren in their studies and extracurricular activities.
The work of volunteers is currently being carried out on six projects: "Domashka", "Interesting in the prolongation", "Hurray! Holidays! "," Digital Assistance ", “I study in Kuzbass” and “Recognition”.
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